Series of Three Art Therapy and Mindfulness Workshops

London Art Therapy Centre, Pioneer House, 46 Britannia Street, London WC1X 9JH

Three creative and explorative workshops which integrate therapeutic art making with guided mindfulness practices.

Our next Series of Three is being planned for 2018. Full details will be posted here when they come available. For information about the series of three workshops, please see below.

Mindfulness, Art Therapy and The Body

10 am – 4 pm Saturday 18th March 2017

It can feel like we are living our lives ‘in our head’ rather than our bodies.

We will be cultivating embodiment through body-based mindfulness practices and mindful art making.

Mindfulness, Art Therapy and the Heart

10am – 4 pm on Saturday 8th April 2017

It can feel like we are living in a ‘doing’ rather than a ‘being’ world and that the needs of our emotional selves are not being met.

We will be including the heart, feelings and emotions in mindfulness meditation and mindful art making, promoting self-care and compassion.

Mindfulness, Art Therapy and the Mind

10 am – 4 pm on Saturday 6th May 2017

It can feel like our minds are filled with thoughts. At times we may feel frantic, anxious or overwhelmed. We will be responding to the 'thinking' mind in mindfulness meditation and art making, cultivating spaciousness and ease.

During the sessions there will be opportunity for self-expression, exploring care for oneself and others, investigating your direct experience and, practising with others in a group context. You will be guided and supported during the workshop by the facilitator.

Who is it for? You are welcome to attend if you are a beginner, or more experienced, to either mindfulness and/or art making.

Facilitator: Nicky Roland, Art Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher

Cost: £240 for the series of all three workshops

Book online at or call 020 3490 7899 / email


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