Further Information about online group

Introductory Meeting

If you would like to join the art therapy and mindfulness group you will be invited to have a short initial meeting with the facilitator (via phone or zoom) as a way for you to be introduced to the group,  the facilitator and to have an opportunity to find out more about the group.

Art materials

Choose one, two or more art materials to have with you during our sessions. For ideas and inspiration, read more about the art therapy studio here. It is recommended that you have a folder or a special place to keep your images safe between sessions.

Video and Set up

You will be emailed zoom meeting information before the session. Ideally sit at a table using a laptop for the session and art making, so that your picture will be still and that the camera can be positioned onto your art image while you are making your image. Don’t worry if it is tricky to get the set-up right at first, you will be offered support with this if necessary.

The therapeutic environment

Our aim is to create a beneficial therapeutic environment using technology. The group is a confidential space (no recording permitted). We aim to support a diverse and inclusive space. Please respect others. Ideally, please sit in a private, quiet environment where you won't be disturbed by others and avoid other distractions during the sessions (such as use of your mobile).

Absence Policy

There may be occasions when you may be unable to attend a session:

  • If this is due to illness; please aim to give 24hr notice minimum in order to discuss the situation and re-arrange the session
  • Holidays can be negotiated based on individual circumstances and are best planned in advance
  • Missed sessions will need to be paid for if not planned or discussed above

Group duration and ending in the group

The group will be running weekly on an ongoing basis (with some prearranged breaks). You are welcome to continue in the group as long as you wish. When you decide to stop coming to the group, please let the facilitator know in advance.

Any Questions?

If you have any further questions please contact us.

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