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Supporting Your Mindfulness and Creative Practices

We recommend the ‘Insight Timer’ app (for your smartphone) where you can join our ‘Art Therapy and Mindfulness’ group. We share here some guided meditations which we recommend to practice with, along side our sessions. We like to suggest you take 5 or 10 minutes sometimes after a meditation for an art making practice.

Supporting Community

You can keep in touch with us on Instagram @arttherapyandmindfulness1 and our Facebook Group: ‘Art Therapy and Mindfulness’

Further practical information for our sessions

Reading List

You can see our art therapy and mindfulness reading list here where we recommend various books and articles for learning and research purposes.

Organisations we work with:

The London Art Therapy centre is a group practice of registered art therapists. We run regular art therapy and mindfulness workshops at the London Art Therapy Centre, this includes online workshops, one day and weekend trainings and workshop series over several days.


We are a member of the British Association of Art Therapists. See the BAAT website for more information on art therapy in the UK, including how to train as an art therapist.

Mindfulness Teacher Training Institute – We can recommend mindfulness teacher training with world renowned meditation teachers Mark Coleman and Martin Aylwald



Funding Information for Clients

Funding: If you need funding you will have to discuss this with your GP or Care Co-ordinator who may also contact us directly. Useful links to check and find out more about NHS funding: