Art Therapy

Making art in therapy helps us express ourselves beyond words. There is a unique power in creating an image in the presence of a therapist.  You are encouraged to play, experiment and explore with any of the wide range of art materials, in the art studio space. The therapist supports you with this process.

 We adhere to safe and professional practice guidelines, and the content and images are always kept safe and confidential.




What happens in an Art Therapy Session?

In Art Therapy, you will have the opportunity to express your feelings and experiences through art making. This can include speaking about past or present experiences, as in verbal-therapy. It is an emergent process, in the presence of a skilled therapist, which has transformative potential. We share and explore the images you make together. 

We invite a non-judgemental attitude - we are less concerned with the aesthetics of an image and more about the process and insights that can manifest. Making art can in itself be a healing process. 



Who attends art therapy?

Adults, and children, attend art therapy for a wide range of reasons. It may be simply that you wish for greater well-being. It can also help with trauma, addictions, grief, anxiety and stress relief, along with a wide range of mental health needs.

Art Therapy is open to all levels of art ability. We encourage everyone to have a 'beginners mind'  - no technical skills are necessary and you do not have to be good at art to benefit from art therapy.

How can art therapy help me?

Art therapy can help with

• Self-understanding, expression and exploration

• Increased well-being

• Supporting insight

• Improved relationships

• Creative expression

• Boosting confidence

• Relaxation and calming

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Stress

• Change and loss

• Traumatic experiences

• Addictions

• Mental health issues

• Relationship issues