Introduction to Art Therapy and Mindfulness (full day)

10:00 am-4:00 pm
Saturday 13th November 2021
Face-to-Face at London Art Therapy Centre (Face to Face Covid-Dependent, otherwise online)

A creative and explorative workshop integrating therapeutic art making with guided mindfulness practices.

The session includes: art making as a mindful activity, guided mindfulness practices, mindfulness of the body, compassion-focused practices and group reflection.

This offers an opportunity for self-expression, exploring care for oneself and others, investigation into direct experience, and, practicing with others in a group context.

You are welcome to attend if you are a beginner, or more experienced, to either mindfulness and/or art making.

Facilitator: Nicky Roland, is an experienced, HCPC registered Art Therapist, and a trained mindfulness teacher, with several years work experience in the NHS, voluntary sector and in private practice.
Course fees : £108 students; £120 self-funded; £144 employer funded

To book your place here - via London Art Therapy Centre.

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